The 10,000 Pound Anvil we place on our Creativity

10,000 Pounds of Pressure

Have you noticed or experienced the sweat/angst firsthand, of the 10,000 pound anvil of pressure put on finding the “right way” to express and let our creativity out.

We worry and obsess over...

Which social media platform to use. Which website or blog template looks the most "on brand". Will video or photos give you the most engagement.
Will written text or podcasts help you reach more people.

At points deciding on those channels that allow us to share our work, likely will matter.

But what if, especially in the beginning of a new project/experiment/side hustle, we left off the expectations to figure out the right medium and turned the pressure way down. What it we focused our attention on the letting it out, part.

What could that look like? ⠀

Let your words out and keep them tucked in your journal or share them publicly on social media. Paint in your sketchbook over the lunch hour or capture the process on live video.

Letting out your creativity in more private ways doesn’t make it a less worthy pursuit or practice. Just like we sometimes feel pressured to document every millisecond of our life and business on social media, this pressure can seep into our creative practice and projects too.

I hope one day you share your creativity (whatever that looks/sounds like to you).

But more than that, I hope you know that it’s more than okay for you to be the only savouring and experiencing it too, if that’s what you want.

Share it. Keep it to yourself. Either way. Let your creativity out.

Here’s to more creating just for the pure enjoyment of it, with no strings attached.

If you’re looking for some reflective questions to sit with on this topic, may I suggest…

How can I simplify my creative practice/project, so I free up more time/energy to focus on the creating part?

What expectations have I been attaching to my creative work?

Of these expectations, which ones do I currently feel weighed down or distracted by?

Write those heavy/icky expectations down and put them in the recycling bin or in the bonfire and let them go once and for ALL!

Right now, what feels like the best way to share my work? If I want to share it publicly, how can I simplify the process of sharing it?