Creativity Workshops + Coaching. Rebel Against Perfection & Catapult your work out into the world.
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We can’t navigate the creative process with perfection as our guide. We’ll only end up stuck, stifled and hoarding our ideas.


Here we revel in the mess…embracing the uncertain, playful and always messy creative process.

Revel in the Mess offers group workshops and 1:1 facilitation to help freelancers, entrepreneurs and side hustlers REBEL against perfection, so you can CATAPULT your creative work out into the world!


just announced - NEW workshop

If you’ve got ideas but find writing content for your blog or social media, a long and boring process that makes you want to reach for a pan of chocolate black bean brownies…THIS is the workshop for you:

Uncover your Content Writing Process Workshop June 19 [LEARN MORE].

Make your business & projects
a HOTBED of creativity again.

If your business or creative projects feel as stifling and overwhelming as a giant pile of dirty laundry, Revel’s 1:1 Workshops + Consulting can help you reignite those creative sparks so you can catapult your work out into the world

FREE - Build your own creativity kit

[NEW + HOTT] Designed for entrepreneurs, side hustlers and experimenters: DIY your own kit so you can rebel against perfection and catapult your work out into the world. Perfection and creativity don’t mix. Honour your creative process and embrace the messiness.

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Whether it’s finally publishing your book, sharing your artwork, launching that workshop, service or business,

We can’t go through the creative process with perfection as our guide.

Hey, I’m Krista Kankula, the vegan poutine lovin’ and paint covered creator of Revel in the Mess.

ARE you ready to REBEL against PERFECTION? (*whispered voice* PSST. your ideas + the people you want to serve are hoping you scream “HELL YES”).