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Let’s bond over spilt paint, shitty first drafts and REVEL IN THE MESS at these upcoming workshops.

WORKSHOPS ARE CURRENTLY IN SUMMER INCUBATION MODE (think sticky notes, possibilities and LOTS of watermelon slices)

We splattered paint at Messy on Purpose, we played and imagined new ideas and possibilities at the Sparks + Splatter retreat and we uncovered our writing processes.

Fall group playdates + mess making workshops will launch August 12/19

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If you’ve got the ideas, but find writing content a long, boring and head scratching process, then this workshop is for YOU.

Designed to help freelancers, entrepreneurs and side hustlers uncover and INJECT a whole lot of PLAY and creativity back into your writing process. This workshop is about giving your exercises and a process to follow to get the words out of your head, onto the page and finally to HITTING that purple publish/post button!

In this workshop we’ll walk through the content writing process, breaking down the steps and exploring different activities you can try at each stage. You’ll leave with a plan and process to apply to your content writing (social media posts + blogs).

This workshop includes:

  • Brainstorming and warm up activities to get the creative juices flowing

  • Participation in content creation stations - so you can be supported, get the accountability and FINALLY write those social media + blog posts

  • A workbook with exercises and worksheets, so you can map out and implement your own content writing process

  • Guidance and support throughout the workshop

  • A copy of all the workshop notes, so you can keep it handy for future reference

Registration NOW CLOSED

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A process art workshop designed to help you rebel against perfection, so your creativity can spill out onto the page.

In this workshop you’ll be given the materials, guidance and space to let your creativity pour out onto the page….and of course make a mess.

You’ll leave with 3 pieces of your very own abstract art. It will be art you’ll be proud of it, not necessarily because of how it looks, but because of how it makes you feel and what it reminds you of…..
of your creative potential and of the joy that’s found in the process of making.


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A one day playdate and retreat, where CREATIVE SPARKS + PAINT will fly.

It’s the BEST excuse/reason since forest bathing, to get away from the office and screens so you can play, make with your hands and get reacquainted with the PLAYFUL, no expectations attached kind of ELECTRIC creativity. You won’t find any powerpoint presentations or long lectures here. In fact the goal is to CREATE and PLAY more than we talk (INTROVERTS REJOICE!).

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Getting creative doesn’t have to involve a melt down after a failed attempt to perfect the latest DIY on Pinterest or even a binge shopping trip to Michaels.

It can be as FUN, EASY and EFFORTLESS as…..ONE MESSY BASH. A paint party that will leave you feeling as pleased as punch.

Instead of courses of h'ourderves being passed around, you’ll find courses of paint to splatter. Instead of musical chairs, think musical canvases.

Sure you could “unwind” with a glass and wine and popcorn (signature Olivia Pope style) or hunker down and catch up on emails. BUT why would when you can paint, dance and REVEL IN THE MESS.