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Let’s bond over spilt paint, sh*tty first drafts and REVEL IN THE MESS at these upcoming workshops.

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Revive your creative spark


A process art and painting workshop for adults, where you’ll PLAY, rebel against perfection and REIGNITE your creativity.

October 3 at The Boombox Bakeshop, London [Learn more]

November 5 at Gravelle Family Chiropractic [Learn more]

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A one day playdate and retreat, where CREATIVE SPARKS + PAINT will fly.

It’s the BEST excuse/reason since forest bathing, to get away from the office and screens so you can play, make with your hands and get reacquainted with the PLAYFUL, no expectations attached kind of ELECTRIC creativity. You won’t find any powerpoint presentations or long lectures here. In fact the goal is to CREATE and PLAY more than we talk (INTROVERTS REJOICE!).

[Registration opens January 2020]
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