Why do you REALLY label yourself as "not creative"?

Chances are you might be believing this myth because....

Maybe you thought creativity ended when art classes in elementary school did. Maybe you thought you used it all up on the last diorama on dinosaurs that you made or the finger painting that used to hang on your fridge when you were little. Maybe you were told by someone else that you’re not creative or you’re not an artist (which by the way really hurts). .

Maybe when you think creativity you think of it being “cute” or “pretty” but a complete waste of time because on the surface it doesn’t look productive. Maybe you don’t yet see the connection between creativity and the current work you do. .

That’s totally okay. But maybe it’s time to look at the reasons why you believe the story “I’m not creative” and see that what’s really under there is a whole lot of myths. There are so many benefits to creativity: stress relief, increased productivity, connecting with our curiosity, to name a few. That’s what we miss out on when we say “I’m not creative”. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a gentle nudge with some time, space and a creative practice to reconnect.

Let’s put it this way: you and creativity are long lost lovers. And while that might not be the love story you were hoping for, I promise you it’s one that will be worth it.

When it comes to creativity, what’s your story?