Creativity kits, courses and experiments for idea hoarders.
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hoarding ideas STINKS.
uncover your creative process.

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Quit snoozing & stockpiling

Kits and courses designed to help you uncover your creative process, so you can print, publish and pursue your IDEAS.






whether or not you own a paintbrush, one thing's for sure... you're creative. we all are.'s just a matter of reconnecting with your creativity and curiosity. 
Hey, it's Krista, the vegan poutine loving and paint covered creator of Revel in the Mess. When I picked up a paintbrush for the first time, it was an excuse for me to make something that was messy, imperfect and completely for me. The paintbrush and the messes lead me through what I now know to be, the creative process. And now that excuse is an obsession... with helping YOU navigate the creative process and get your ideas out into the world. 




Hands on experiences on navigating the creative process, abstract art, writing, brainstorming and launching your ideas.

Strategy Sessions

From brainstorming to copywriting. Need help painting a picture with words? 

Creative Process

Explore, identify and apply your own unique creative process to whatever project you're working on. We're all creative, sometimes we just need to reconnect with it.

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