Uncover Your Writing Process Workshop
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We've been taught to think productivity only looks a certain way: sitting your butt in front of the computer and not moving until its done.

While this may be effective in certain situations, it can also feel creatively stifling. When it comes to expanding on our ideas, there needs to be space, to let your mind wander, to brainstorm, to outline and in some cases write a few sh*tty first drafts before we HIT PUBLISH. And honouring your own content writing process will allow you to do just that!

In this workshop we’ll walk through the content writing process, breaking down the steps and exploring different activities you can try at each stage. You’ll leave with a plan and process to apply to your content writing.

This workshop includes:

  • Brainstorming and warm up activities to get the creative juices flowing

  • Participation in content creation stations - so you can be supported, get the accountability and FINALLY write those social media + blog posts

  • A workbook with exercises and worksheets so you can map out and implement your own content writing process

  • Guidance and support throughout the workshop

  • A copy of all the workshop notes, so you can keep them handy for future reference

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