From Imagination to Launch:

The 4-week Workshop Creator Group

Designed for freelancers, small business owners, side hustlers or anyone who wants to dip their toe in and experiment with hosting an in-person workshop.

Hosting in-person workshops allows you to:

  • Fire up those teaching muscles and practice breaking down information and delivering it in a helpful, fun and creative way.

  • Help other people and build relationships

  • Test out an idea for a potential 1:1 service and get validation and feedback from your prospective clients

  • Attract new potential clients to your business and expose people to your work and areas of expertise

Take your idea out of your brain,
put it to paper and launch it

What’s included….

  • Workshop creator checklist (all the steps without the OVERWHELM)

  • Weekly live video lead by me, covering that week’s topic, action items from the checklist and the opportunity for Q & A [hosted inside a private FB group]

  • Topics covered: setting up systems to keep your organized and focused, brainstorming your idea and putting it into a workshop registration page, promotion strategies and filling your workshop and creating an event experience that will delight your attendees!

In a walnut-sized shell, this workshop creator is about: breaking down the process into tiny bite-sized steps, making the planning process more playful and creative (obviously), and having a group to support you and keep you accountable.

You’ll be able to go at your own pace and tune into the weekly videos during a time that works best for your schedule.

The challenges and action items are designed to be short, focused and completed in 20-30 minute intervals. One step at a time!

You’ll have the chance throughout to run your workshop ideas by the rest of the group and ask for feedback

What’s NOT included….

  • A dump truck pile of information - this isn’t about overwhelming you, it’s about taking action on that idea you have, because you want to teach, host a workshop and help people - not earn a virtual badge for reading 300 pages

  • I won’t be working 1:1 with the group members or providing 1:1 advice on your workshop idea or copy.

  • A guarantee that your workshop will succeed. I know guarantees are HOT and all, but to say I could guarantee you that would be nothing more than a big fat lie. I’ll share with you everything I’ve learned from hosting my own workshops and getting referrals to teach workshops at other people’s retreats and events.

  • Templates or worksheets, where you can just copy, paste and hit launch.