Registration closes March 25 at 9 pm

Retreat registrations are non-refundable. Registrations can be transferred to another person.

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WHat they’re saying about attending revel workshops….

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Will you be hosting another Sparks + Splatter Creative Playdate this year?
While I’d love to host one of these every week or every day for that matter, THIS will be the only Sparks + Splatter playdate I host this year.

Can I pay the registration fee in instalments?
Yes, there is currently the option to pay in two instalments.

What if I don’t consider myself creative?
Let me start by saying, I get where you’re coming from. I didn’t consider myself creative for a long time, I always had messy writing, my drawings we’re limited to 3D cubes and stick figures and still to this day I can’t cut straight with scissors and it irritates me. BUT what I’ve come to learn is that WE’RE ALL CREATIVE. It’s just that we need the chance to reconnect with our creativity. And often we also need to unlearn what we think creativity is. So often we limit creativity to someone who’s a talent painter, cartoonist, a novelist or playwright. But how we express our creativity really is limitless. Trust me, you are creative and Sparks + Splatter will help you reconnect with your creativity.

When you say “creative sparks + paint will fly”…how messy are we talking?
We’ll be participating in process art and painting activities, that being said the flying paint will be directed at the canvas and paper, not splattered around the room or on one another. We recommend you dress comfortably and if you’d prefer to be on the safe side where something you wouldn’t mind getting a touch (or two) of paint on. That is of course if you’re a messy painter like I am and even though you try to be neat, somehow you always get paint on yourself.

Have questions? NEED more convincing?
Email me so I can send you exclamation marks and bucketloads of confetti GIFS

like a day spa for your creativity.
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Retreat registrations are non-refundable. Registrations are transferable to another person.