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Revel’s 1:1 Brainstorming Sessions + Coaching is designed to help freelancers + small business owners fire up their creative juices, so you can CATAPULT your projects from DRAFT to DONE.

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Nudge + Spark
1:1 Idea Generating Session

Your business is OOZING with possibilities....

Get the magnifying glass that helps you zoom in on them, makes a playful plan of action and leaves you with a creative fire lit under your BUTT

This package is perfect for Brainstorming:
- Workshop and event ideas, topics and content
- Blog and social media content
- Lead magnets or other free content offerings

This package includes:
A 2 hour Nudge + Spark Brainstorming Session
(Hosted in person - currently available to clients in London + St. Thomas, Ontario area)
OR online via video chat

A summarized document post session of all of the ideas we brainstormed AND a plan of action so you can take the ideas into the great and mysterious beyond - aka the internet and let your new content SIZZLE for all your clients to see (and ohh and ahh at).

2 email check-ins post session to help you stay accountable to your plan of action!

You’ll also a copy of Revel’s guide to brainstorming + sparking your creativity.

Investment: $199 + HST

Krista Kankula Revel in the Mess Creative Facilitator

Brain to Paper
Your 1:1 Kit for Content Creation

You’re savvy and you know what’s up, when it comes to the game of creating content. You know content is an asset when it comes to growing your business, expertise and attracting a steady stream of customers, that’s why you’re here.

And because you take the game so seriously, you’re also all to familiar feeling so overwhelmed by all the ideas piling up and the pressure to CREATE, CREATE AND CREATE….that you’re often left staring at the blinking cursor yelling “WHHYYY can’t I write?!”.

That’s where Brain to Paper comes in.

Together, we’ll pinpoint what you want to write about, the sorts of content and platforms that work best for you and your unique go-to process to get the words from your brain to PAPER.

Clients who have completed this service have called me their “brain and idea organizer”.

BOTTOM LINE: If you find writing content a long, boring and head scratching process, then this package is for YOU.

What they’re saying about Revel in the Mess’ 1:1 Coaching + Brainstorming:


If you’re on the fence and your rear is starting to hurt……Book a FREE 15 minute consult call and we can discuss which service is a fit for you.