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YOUR Creative WORK

Those ideas tucked away in your mind.
The projects roughed out in your notebooks.
The website pages and blog posts sitting in the draft queue.

You’re NOT lazy, hopeless or even wasting your time.
Chances are you’re just trying to navigate the messy creative process and you’re getting stuck, because you’ve been using PERFECTION as your guide.

And it’s stifling your creativity, causing you to doubt yourself and leaving you stuck and hoarding your work.

Revel in the Mess offers 1:1 facilitation + Accountability to help freelancers, entrepreneurs and side hustlers REBEL against perfection, so you can CATAPULT your creative work out into the world!

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Revel Creative Playdate

Get a 2 hour in person, customized creative playdate that takes you from DROUGHT to Niagara Falls and gets the creative juices flowing AGAIN.

Currently available only to clients in or around London, Ontario
(with a 1 hour driving radius)

What’s Included:
-30 minute kick off call,
where we get clear on where you're at in the creative process, where you're getting stuck and we'll complete a creativity “audit”
-2 hour in person creative playdate - a 1:1 workshop where I lead you through different exercises + mess making
-A customized creativity kit full of supplies to keep your creativity SPARKED
-A custom playbook for you, outlining the results of the creativity audit, exercises and a worksheet to keep the creative juices flowing

Krista Kankula Revel in the Mess Creative Facilitator

Uncover your Content Writing Process

This 1:1 service is ideal for those who want to develop and apply a writing process to help them create and publish content for their blog, social media and newsletter.

This package is perfect for you if you find yourself struggling to brainstorm ideas for content, or you have too many ideas piling up and you're feeling overwhelmed by them or you often find yourself staring at the screen not knowing what to write.

Clients who have completed this service have called me their “brain and idea organizer”.

What’s Included:
- 30 Minute initial kick off call
- 2 week’s worth of exercises and activities delivered to you in a editable workbook
- 2 email check in’s to stay accountable
-Two - 20-minute “HELP, I’M STUCK” calls you can use during your two weeks of implementation
- Final 1 hour wrap up + strategy call
- A final revised writing process outline full of exercises and prompts you can implement into your content writing process

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Revel Creative Project Planning

Swimming in a sea of to-do lists, ideas and timelines that are scribbled on napkins and in random google documents?

This package will help you declutter and reorganize your ideas and priorities and map out a simple, clear and playful plan to launch your new event, retreat, workshop or service.

What’s Included:
- 60 Minute initial kick off call + strategy session
- Clear + actionable project plan that gets you to catapult your work out into the world (Includes a draft and 1 revision of project plan)
- Weekly email check ins + progress reports to keep you on track
- 3 - 20 minute accountability + check in calls per month
- Final 1 hour wrap up call

Clients can choose to book this service in 1, 3 or 6 month packages, depending on project scope + size.

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If you’re on the fence and your rear is starting to hurt……Book a FREE 20 minute consult call and we can discuss which service is a fit for you.