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We've been taught to think productivity, especially writing content only looks a certain way: sitting your butt in front of your computer and not moving until its done.

While this may be effective in certain situations, for people like you AND ME, forcing ourselves to do this, also makes writing content a long, frustrating and STIFLING process.

[JUST thinking about this sometimes makes me want to reach for a whole pan of black bean brownies]

Staring at the screen, begging the words to come out, also leaves us feeling like we're creatively floundering, because our content writing sessions don't even come close to looking like this ....

[the one exception might be when we're ranting on Facebook]


What if you could MOVE….

…..From doing the typing and then deleting dance, to having exercises and techniques that get the words out of your mind and onto the page.

…..From feeling like writing and creating content is just another CHORE on your to-do list to having a process that helps you share your best work and feels more PLAYFUL and CREATIVE.

Introducing Revel in the Mess’
Uncover your Content Writing Process Workshop

Designed to help freelancers, entrepreneurs and side hustlers uncover and INJECT a whole lot of PLAY and creativity back into your content writing process. This workshop is about giving you the exercises and a process to follow to get the words out of your head, onto the page and finally to HITTING that purple publish/post button!

This Workshops was designed for you if….

  • You’ve started a blog BUT you have more DRAFTS than you do PUBLISHED posts.

  • You dread the thought of sitting down to write and create content for social media or your newsletter.

  • You want to start consistently publishing content so you can share your voice and work with the people you most want to connect with.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’ve got the ideas, but find writing content a long, boring and head scratching process, then this workshop is for YOU.

In this workshop, I’ll guide you through the same process I’ve used to help clients organize + create content for their very own workshops and social media posts. Here’s what they’ve said about my “brain organizing” talents & process:

Make your CONTENT writing process
a HOTBED of creativity again


In this workshop we’ll walk through the content writing process, breaking down the steps and exploring different activities you can try at each stage. You’ll leave with a plan and process to apply to your content writing.

This workshop includes:

  • Brainstorming and warm up activities to get the creative juices flowing

  • Participation in content creation stations - so you can be supported, get the accountability and FINALLY write those social media + blog posts

  • A workbook with exercises and worksheets so you can map out and implement your own content writing process

  • Guidance and support throughout the workshop

  • A copy of all the workshop notes, so you can keep them handy for future reference

If you’ve got the ideas, but find writing content a long, boring and head scratching process, then you’ll want to sign up for this workshop.

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What they’re saying about revel workshops + 1:1 Facilitation



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Hey, I’m Krista Kankula, owner/founder of Revel in the Mess, obsessor of the colour pink, vegan poutine and the CREATIVE PROCESS.

The exercises and activities that I’ll be leading you through in this content creation series are the exact ones I use in my own content creation process - whether it’s writing a sales page, blog post or content for a workshop.

I’ve also used these exercises to work 1:1 with clients to design and implement their own content writing process as well as I’ve used it in past workshops such as: Painting a Picture with Words, Sparks + Splatter Creative Retreat and the Pillar Community Impact Award Finalist Storytelling workshop.

I teach and facilitate because I believe we’re all creative and I know you have ideas + art inside you (and your notebooks and sticky notes) that are worthy of being expressed and shared!


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I need to cancel?
If you cancel on or 8 days before the workshop, (via an email to a full refund will be issued. If you cancel fewer than 8 days before a workshop a refund cannot be issued. Your registration; however can be transferred to another person. Specific deadlines for refunds are listed under each workshop’s description.

What if I don’t consider myself a writer?
Let me start by pointing out you probably are more of a writer than you’re giving yourself credit for. Often when we think of writing or creating content we imagine ourselves sitting in front of the screen and hoping the words come out. Maybe this is a familiar scene to you and it’s one that more often leaves you frustrated. The purpose of these workshops is to review the steps in the content writing process from idea wandering, to brainstorming, through to creating outlines, first drafts and then hitting publish. By familiarizing and trying different exercises in the content writing process you’ll gain an understanding of which ones work best for you and make you feel a creative JOLT.

Will this help me get more followers or traffic?
These workshops are focused on helping you develop a system for brainstorming and organizing content ideas as well as implementing a writing process that helps you press publish on those ideas and content. It’s NOT a workshop focused on how to increase your followers on social media, or how to write more engaging posts or to map out a strategy for your content. This workshop is for creators who want to write their own content but can’t seem to get the ideas out of their head or onto to the page to be able to publish them.

Will this help me with my writing technique?
These workshops are focused on getting you to the stage where you’re practicing writing. We will not be covering writing techniques and tips to edit and improve your writing. Those are obviously important, but if we’re not even at the stage where we’re willing to practice taking our content ideas and turning them into something than writing strategies can’t really help us. If you’re already a seasoned content creator than this workshops isn’t for you.

Need another question answered? Not sure if this workshop series is right for you? Email me at