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Take the guesswork
out of getting
your content written

Whether you’re a freelancer, side hustler or small business owner, creating content can feel like this HUGE GLOB OF HAVE TOS AND SHOULDS.

Maybe the expectation of having to churn out content daily on ALLL the platforms, has you crossing your arms in protest shouting “OH MY GOD, IF I CAN’T DO ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME, I WILL DO NONE OF THE THINGS.”

Or maybe just the thought of having to write another Instagram caption, blog or Facebook post is enough to send you over the edge and sprinting towards the nearest GF/Vegan bakery to devour a giant black bean brownie (or a whole pan of them).

Introducing…...Revel in the Mess’ Brain to Paper: Your 1:1 Kit for content Creation

Together, we untangle the messy GLOB of content creation strand by strand, so you can FINALLY pinpoint what you want to write about (and how to get the words on paper) for a constant content stream that your business growth can count on.

What if you could MOVE….

…..From doing the typing and then deleting dance, to having exercises and techniques that get the words out of your mind and onto the page.

…..From feeling like writing and creating content is just another CHORE on your to-do list to having a process that helps you share your best work and feels more PLAYFUL and CREATIVE.

…..From having your content ideas collecting dust on sticky notes and in your phone to becoming a blog and social media publishing POWERHOUSE.

This package was designed for you if….

  • You’ve started a blog BUT you have more DRAFTS than you do PUBLISHED posts.

  • You dread the thought of sitting down to write and create content for social media or your newsletter.

  • You want to start consistently publishing content so you can share your voice and work with the people you most want to connect with.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’ve got the ideas, but find writing content a long, boring and head scratching process, then this package is for YOU.

Here’s what past Revel clients are saying….

finally pinpoint what you want to write about

Brain to Paper: Your 1:1 Content Creation Kit

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Together, we’ll untangle the mess of content creation strand by strand.

Clients who have completed this service have called me their “brain and idea organizer”.

What’s Included:
- 60 Minute initial kick off call + call recording, so you can replay it on demand
- During the initial kick off call we’ll review your current process, plan out your next two week’s of content and tackle any questions you might have
- 2 week’s worth of exercises and activities delivered to you in a editable workbook
- 2 email check in’s to help you stay accountable
-Two - 20-minute “HELP, I’M STUCK” calls you can use during your two weeks of implementation 
- Final 1 hour wrap up + strategy call + call recording
- A final revised writing process outline full of exercises and prompts you can implement into your content writing process

$200 deposit due at signing of contract
Balance of $297 due day of final strategy call

Booking for mid-September start dates.

To get started book your FREE 15 minute consult call here.