Here's what perfection forgets to tell us

It lies to us and tells us that it needs to be perfect and a “success” for it to be worthy of our time. It tells us anything less than perfection is a failure, so it’s better to hold off than risk falling on our face. It tells us to wait until tomorrow, next week or another year.

But what perfection doesn’t tell us is that we just need ONE.

One run. One poem. One chapter written. One podcast recorded. You only need one to remind yourself that you can do it. That you can create something. It sounds simplistic and underwhelming, I know. It’s not the finish line, the published book or reaching #1 in the charts. But starting with one, builds belief in ourselves and in our creativity. One give us permission to let go of the expectations, to do it imperfectly and most of all to begin.

Never forget that one is a game changer.

We can choose to wait for perfection or we can choose to follow our curiosity, uncover our creative process, experiment and most of all to REVEL IN THE MESS.

What will your ONE be today? SHARE in the comments below!

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