Turning the pressure dial down to ZERO

Revel in the Mess how expectations block our creativity tools for living a creative life.png

This past weekend, I crumpled up my to-do list, deleted all the social media apps on my phone and didn’t even pick up a paintbrush.⠀

I knew I needed the break and the weather made it easier to give in. ⠀

This extra space to let my mind wander and get my hands dirty when we finally got around to planting our Christmas tree, was exactly what I needed.⠀

And what made the time pass slowly and allowed me to be present while I was covered in mud and eating pesto and roasted tomato pizza on the porch...was the fact that any expectations were left off the agenda. ⠀
I didn’t pressure myself in this “down time” to come up with any ideas, to write something or to make myself feel better or feel rested.⠀

Sunday night I did end up receiving a flurry of ideas and a shift in perspective on some projects I’m working on...but I know it only opened up because the pressure dial was turned all the way down to zero. ⠀

And sometimes (a lot of times) that’s where we need to let it be. ⠀
At zip, nil, nothing, nada.