When I say Revel in the Mess, I also mean these kinds of messes too

When I talk about making a mess here, I sometimes mean the hot pink paint splatter kind. BUT, I also mean the uncomfortable messes that come from trying, experimenting and failing.

Awkward stumbles, rejections and failures are mostly unavoidable in the creative process.

But what we can choose, is how we recover from and treat ourselves after experiencing failure(s), whether it’s of microscopic or Titanosaur proportions.

What makes the pain of rejections and failures so much worse is when we allow them to consume our worth, define our creativity and predict the future.

What causes the sting of them to linger, is when we fill in the gaps of information with unkind and unhelpful assumptions…. “this didn’t happen or that didn’t work, so that must mean  ________.”

What leads them to stifle the air around us is when we obsessively wail “WHYYYYYY???” while also shutting out the opportunity to ask questions like “what could I do differently next time?” or “what did I learn from this experience?”.

So before you get out your magnifying glass to analyze the snot out of your failure…..get curious, give yourself an obscene amount of compassion and at least a little distance between the failure and yourself, because it’s all too easy for the lines to blur.

What methods do you use to recover from failure?

failures mistakes and the creative process.png