It's the PERFECT time of the year to begin a NEW creative practice and here's WHY

#the100dayproject will always be special to me because it helped me fall even more in love with painting, with having a creative practice, with making space to let my mind wander and allowing the thoughts and questions to unravel. It’s where I first made the connection of painting being a warm up activity for my writing. It’s pretty cool to look at the hundreds of pieces of paper, the canvases and the thousands of words that have accumulated over the past 4 years from participating.

A free Global Art Project

And because I love it and its totally FREE AND SO. MUCH. FUN to participate in, I thought you might want to know more about it......

....April 2nd mark's the start of this year’s #the100dayproject!!! 

If you've never heard of the #The100DayProject before, it's a free global art project, where you make something for 100 days and share your art on Instagram (or whatever platform you choose). [You can learn more about it here]

Searching the #The100DayProject on Instagram, is one of the few internet rabbit holes you’ll actually want to fall down and that’s because it’s filled with heart-warming, infectious CREATIVITY....of all kinds.

And in case you need some extra convincing (wink wink, nudge, nudge), this is what participating in the #The100DayProject can remind you……

  • to incorporate time in your day with your favourite art supplies.

  • of the feeling of showing up to a blank page every day and having the opportunity to create.

  • that beginnings and learning something new will always be awkward, uncomfortable and frustrating.

  • that patience is part of the creative process too.

  • that you can make something just because it’s fun and brings you joy and that no further reasoning is required.

  • that creativity doesn’t have to be so serious.

  • of the potency of showing up everyday and what that can amount to.

revel in the mess build a creative habit the 100 day project.png

I’ve participated for the last 4 years...starting off with #100daysofwritingbykk (which FULL DISCLOSURE I only made it to 51 days), then I did #100daysofthoughtswhilewriting (if I had to pick a favourite year it would be this one) and then #100daysofmakingamess (obviously) and last year #100daysofmountainmuse (which I mostly shared in my stories). 

This year my project will be #100daysofrevelling. I’ve learned from participating in past years that I do best with a wide open theme. So there will be revelling with words, paint, nature, music and who knows what else. So many things to explore, delight and REVEL in. 

Your 100 day project can be related to your job or business, like my friend, Arielle of HOTO Art Therapy who is once again doing 100 days of emotional literacy. OR it can be related to an existing creative project you're working on. It can even be an excuse to try out a new practice. There really are no rules for what you choose (on the website it even lists brushing you teeth as a project).

Tips for starting a Creative Practice

If you're thinking of participating in the #the100dayproject, here are a few tips to setting up your practice:

Make BITE size chunks of ART. If you plan to write, try using cue cards or a post-it note. If you’re planning to draw, doodle or paint, cut up smaller pieces of paper or work with mini-canvases. It’s all about making a small piece of art everyday. If it's an activity think of something you can do in 5-10 minute spurts. 

the 100 day project creative practice creative coach london ontario writing content writing tips.png

Keep your supplies within reach. I like to put all my painting supplies on an old lunch cafeteria tray and keep it on my desk. That way it’s easy for me to start my practice without worrying about what colour or brush to choose. If you’re planning to participate in your practice over your lunch hour at work, clear out or organize your snack drawer and make room for your art supplies. Anyway, we can make our creative supplies more accessible and available will help support us in being consistent.

Gather inspiration in the form of an art journal or by making a board on Pinterest. Collect photos of landscapes, textures, colour palettes and patterns that you’re attracted to. Or if you're writing brainstorm a list of topics and ideas the peak your curiosity. Keep this eye candy handy when you begin your practice.

Celebrate your progress. Just think by the end you’ll have 100 sentences. 100 paintings. 100 pages of drawings. 100 memories captured. 

Hop over to #the100dayproject to get even more inspiration and the full scoop on the project.

If you’re planning to participate, share in the comments below and let me know your project name and hashtag. I’d love to follow along and cheer you on.