WHY Social Media isn't just a Space to Hang our Life + Business Media Releases

Instead of asking “What’s new?” When we sit down to write, let’s focus on this instead

Photo by  J. Kelly Brito  on  Unsplash

Somewhere along the way, we started to see this space as just a holder for all of our media releases (aka our life or business announcements).....We started to ask ourselves “what’s new” when we sat down to write…..BUT shiny/new isn’t the only criteria for showing up here……...in fact I think it should probably be demoted to the bottom of the list.......⠀

What should be at the top of the list is the kind of content stand-up comedians fill their sets with….⠀

They’ll talk about that time their father-in-law insisted on asking the barista 81 questions before deciding on what to order. They talk about that time they were on a plane and the lady beside them was doing a play by play commentary of the movie out loud.⠀

Most comedians don’t fill their sets with grand stories about that time JLo performed on their yacht while they ate CBD infused truffle ravioli and had choreographed fireworks going off in the background. ⠀

They talk about every day and sometimes pain in the ass things. The boring and seemingly mundane experiences…....BUT they do it in a fun and interesting way. ⠀⠀

Don’t wait until you’ve gone deep-sea diving on mars or invented a new word until you show up here and start sharing.⠀

In fact, we beg you not to.⠀

What content to share on social media content ideas for social media revel in the mess.png

Instead, tell us about your neighbour’s cat feud and how it’s a lesson in setting boundaries. OR about the night your business name was conceived and how at first you thought it was just the spicy curry keeping you up. ⠀

Because.... that everyday stuff….That it’s not “new” or “ totally original”, but it happened to YOU, stuff, tells me WAYYYY more about you (and is usually WAYYY more interesting) than all the new splashy announcements ever will.⠀

So lay it on me....what totally unoriginal things did you get up to yesterday? ⠀

I personally spent as much time writing as I did on my foam roller and considered if an office chair with a foam roller attachment would be a practical invention. ⠀

Now, over to you...