A question we can ask to release the PRESSURE

Where do you rank right now on the speed dial of moving through the creative process? Trudging? Turtle speed? Bounding like a Jack Rabbit?

Or maybe you're not even attempting it at the moment because you're at the beach with a sweating bottle of Perrier in hand and a container full of sliced watermelon (if that's you *applause* all around). 

Well I'm not at the beach and not even my fridge is full of watermelon slices at the moment. I'm working on refreshing the services I offer through Revel and as usual it's a concoction of feelings that the tension of possibility and simultaneous uncertainty offers. In case you're wondering, I'm likely somewhere between trudging and turtle speed for sure.

When this tension leaves me with a full on scrunched face of frustration I bring my attention back to this question.....

What would you try if it was just an experiment?

It's one I come back to A LOT.

ESPECIALLY when I'm in at this stage in the creative process, where what you're working on isn't quite "there" and you know it BUT you also don't know how to fix it (or at least not yet), to get it to where you know it could be.

It helps me shift out of the high stakes worrying game of “perfection or bust” [AKA this HAS to work or else] and back to being propelled by curiosity. 

Experiment what would you try creativity consulting london ontario.png

It shakes off the stale, serious best practices and back into feeling free and playful.

It's what cuts away all the clutter and things I layer on to over-complicate the project.

It’s what picks me back up after something I make or try fails. 

When it comes to creativity, borrowing from the mindset of a scientist and asking this question can mean the difference between whether we're stifled or STOKED. 

So, what would you try if it was just an experiment?