Have you been using this to "calculate" your progress?

We fall into bed and what does our mind immediately flick to….a calculator. And it starts to add up all the things we didn’t do today. The overwhelm sets in, because we realize all the missed things now have to get added to tomorrow’s already overflowing plate and then doubt comes by to hang out, because how can we possibly to all that. Sound familiar? I’ve been there a time or two (okay OFTEN) as well.

When our reaction is to ALWAYS focus on the things we didn’t do or didn’t accomplish, it’s easy to find ourselves stuck. But the thing we forget is that our calculator or maybe measuring stick is a better way to describe it, is out of whack.

It’s using things like….
(1) our EVEREST sized hyped expectations
(2) our to-do lists that are longer than my mom’s itemized Costco receipt (love you mom)
(3) our warped perception of “enough”
(4) AND our lack of appreciation for progress...we’re either “done” or “feeling behind”, there’s no in between or evidence of progress.

...to calculate where we’re at, and usually it lands on feeling behind, not enough, comparison or some awful cocktail of all three.

One way that helps me avoid this scenario (and to practice imperfection) is to practice enough at the end of my work day. I aim to write out at least 3 things I accomplished. I let myself write out things like tidying up around the house, reading and walking the dog...because even though I’m not looking for a gold star for doing them, they still count. I also let myself write out things that are still a work in progress, but that I spent time on that day.  I do this to shift the focus off the doubt of “everything I didn’t do” or the overwhelm of “everything that’s left to do” and instead focus on what I did and believing/appreciating that was enough.

Trust that what you’ve created so far is enough and what you create tomorrow will be too (even if it’s one big hellish mess).

[And one last thing the purpose of the list is NOT to use it as a “weapon” to compare yourself or how you measured up to anyone else, not strangers, not friends, not our partners. You do not get gold stars or points for having the longest list either.]

Anyone else a list maker too? Share in the comments how you practice enough?