Lessons on Experiments: The first time I tried hosting this, no one signed up.

How Messy on Purpose came to be

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Before I had decided on my business name, Revel in the Mess and before I decided what I'd be doing with Revel in the Mess, I started hosting this workshop.

[And by started, I'll admit the first few times I tried hosting it, no one signed up. Luckily on attempt #4 (maybe 5) I had 3 amazing participants and we spent the evening in Soulshine Studios painting to Adele and some candlelight.]

Original Called The Art of Making a Mess

It was meant to be ironic of course. This workshop evolved out of my own creative practice and what playing with paint and facing the blank page gave me.....

As much as the empty canvas and blank pages scare me, they also feel like home. I see the perfectly manicured space and feel fear, but I also feel something else…..possibility.

When I paint I'm reminded that things don't have to be complicated or even bloated with expectations. I’m reminded that I can do things for the simple but important reason that they bring me joy. Nothing else needs to be attached, for the making of to matter. 

That was essentially the jumping off point for the workshop. I wanted it to be a space where we could take making art a lot less seriously and enjoy the process.

Now that workshop is called Messy on Purpose and even though it's evolved since it's first iteration, it's still about embracing imperfection, PLAYING with the art supplies and letting your creativity out.

That last part is one of my favourite parts of hosting workshops. Getting to see what everyone turns that blank page into. I'm blown away and in awe, every single time.

To me, this is one of the juiciest and heart filling parts of expressing your own creativity

When we do, we can appreciate everyone else's so much more. We can recognize and acknowledge what went into making it. Even if it doesn't move us, compel us to buy it or take a photo of it. 

We know the guts, play and practice that allowed it to come to life. The trial and error. The awkward beginnings. The frustration of making 100 things that you hate and finally on attempt #101 loving the masterpiece that we made.

I’ll never get tired of witnessing people playing and letting their creativity out. 

What about you, what do you appreciate most about expressing your creativity and witnessing it in others?

Next week I'm hosting two Messy on Purpose workshops. The first one already sold out, but there's still space for the June 13th workshop.

Messy on Purpose is a process art workshop designed to get your creativity to pour out onto the page. Here you'll be lead through prompts and use paint + pastels to create three abstract art pieces.

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This workshop isn’t about making the perfect masterpiece.
It’s about giving yourself permission. Permission to enjoy the process. Permission to PLAY. Permission to create. And most of all permission to be messy.

>> Visit https://revelinthemess.com/artworkshop to get all the paint splattered details

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Keep on creating