I never saw myself fitting into these two definitions. Creative. Artist.

For 80ish% of my life I never saw myself fitting either of those definitions. ⠀

Organized. Yes. Now there’s a skill/title I totally got behind. It was a cinch for me. And it was also one that was valued and validated by teachers and managers.

Krista Kankula Revel in the Mess Creativity and Process art workshops London Ontario

But creative...No

I was far too “messy” (I always thought of precision and perfection was what made art, art...ironic) to be creative. And I was uninterested in the kind of art I thought I’d “have” make to be considered creative.⠀

I’ve always had messy printing and writing. I still can’t cut anything straight..it always comes out crooked. I’m not great at drawing. I only took art class in grade 9 and I actually found it terribly boring (no offence to my art teacher). And I definitely don’t have an art degree.⠀

Those among many other reasons are why I didn’t see myself as someone who’s creative/has the potential to be creative.⠀

I didn’t see my constant need to ask questions and wonder as a glimmer of creativity within me. I didn’t see my resourcefulness while making activities during my time as a day camp leader as a sign that I was creative. Same goes for daydreaming, brainstorming, problem solving and my aversion to being told to follow “best practices”.⠀

So yeah, if you’ve never felt like you quite fit into those “definitions” either, I get you.