Creating Content Often Feels Like a Game of Hot Potato

We’re tossed the hot potato and catch it reluctantly. It’s our turn to write a blog post or caption and we can feel the sweat beads starting to form. ⠀

The heat in our hands is making it hard to focus. We’ve got to post something and post it NOW, so we fling something off in a hurry and wipe the sweat off our hands. ⠀

We feel the temporary relief, the potatoes been passed. Phew, we can breathe a little. ⠀

But then you see the hot potato making it’s way around the circle and you start to dread having to write and create something ALL. OVER. AGAIN......⠀

Does creating content for your blog or social media, feel like a game of hot potato to you? Or am I being TOO dramatic?⠀

You don’t have to look far for content inspiration…...sometimes a bag of potatoes and microwave will do

Revel in the Mess the pressure to create content content writing is like hot potato .png

So the hot potato analogy came to me while I was baking potatoes [SHOCKING, I KNOW]....Okay that’s not entirely TRUE……...For a second there, I wanted to sound all healthy (and not tip off my holistic nutritionist friends), but the truth is I was microwaving them (there I said it).⠀

As I was checking on the status of my spuds, I thought about how the game of hot potato perfectly describes how we often approach creating content. ⠀

We know we need to do it……...BUUTTT... all the pressure leaves us feeling like creating content is just another pain in the ass, obligatory task on our list. ⠀

And so naturally we want to get it done in the fastest (and using the least amount of effort) way possible - you know so we wipe our hands clean of that hot potato.⠀

But….we didn’t start all this to set content creation speed or quantity records did we? ⠀

No. We’re here to be helpful and solve problems. To connect, relate, start and establish relationships. To make em’ laugh.⠀

I’m working on something that will help you turn down this pressure BUT crank up the creative heat when it comes to creating content and I can’t wait to share it with you.⠀

Until then, tell me, 👇🏻what’s the most mundane thing you’ve ever been inspired by? ⠀

Hopefully I’m not the only one who’s had an idea sparked by microwaving potatoes