That ONE question that always gets me

Do you have that one question that keeps stirring your curiosity.....that you find endlessly fascinating?⠀

For me it’s “how did they make that?”⠀

To this day I still vividly remember sitting in our school library, with the brown drapes closed to shut out the light, watching a show on one of those TV + VCR carts, about how crayons are made (I just googled it and it’s called “Here’s how” the crayons and markers episode and yes I just watched it and it brought back allllll the memories). ⠀

This weekend I went to the @bealart year end show and I found myself staring at many of the pieces asking this same question. How did they make that?!⠀

I love following where my curiosity takes me when I ask this question. AND asking it always seems to get me out of any ruts I’m in creatively. ⠀

So if we meet in person and you feel like I’m playing a game of 21 questions about your creative process, now you know why.⠀

Last week it was learning how red Thai curry and sculptural paintings are made and the process behind script writing.

We’ll see where curiosity leads me this week.

What about you, what peaks your CURIOSITY?