Creative Pit Stains

If we devour an article because it was so damn hilarious, helpful and made us feel like "fuck, it's not just me that does that".....AND THEN...we find out the author put in 37 hours to get the piece to the point where it was published….⠀

…….Do we think less of them as a person?⠀

…….Do we think "wow - they must be a horrible writer because it took THAT long"?⠀

NO…..we either don't care about the # of hours (not because we're insensitive), but because we're still hanging on to how their words made us feel….⠀

…..OR we stop for a moment and think, "they must really care about their work and writing things that matter to people."⠀

Yes, we can with 1 or 2 clicks, publish and create something in 15 seconds.⠀BUT…. that doesn't mean that's all it requires.⠀

Krista Kankula Revel in the Mess Creative work requires effort put the work in creativity coaching.png

Draft #3. A pile of notes on your desk that didn't make the cut. Pages marked up with red lines. ⠀
Those don't dismiss your ability or skills. Those don't diminish your character or integrity. ⠀

Those are all like pit stains. ⠀
They may be unsexy or unsightly to some, but to most people, they suggest EFFORT. ⠀

Let's not turn our nose up at effort. ⠀
Let's applaud it. ⠀
Let's cheer it on when we see it.

Let's be inspired by it so much that it makes us want to have sweat dripping from our brows and crinkled sleeves.