This space is teeming with EXPECTATIONS, but also....OPPORTUNITYđź‘Ś

Last weekend I needed a break from pretty much everything - I crumpled up my to-do list, deleted all the social media apps from my phone and didn’t even pick up a paintbrush. I took any expectations to create off the table. And it was exactly what I needed [I highly recommend this by the way].


As I dug in the dirt planting our “Christmas tree” and spent most of the weekend outside, I started thinking about the other spaces where the big E - EXPECTATIONS shows up.

One of the places that’s teeming with expectations is CONTENT CREATION...more specifically the platforms we post our content too - blogs and social media platforms.

They’re full of all kinds of species of expectations - from views, follower counts, engagements, click’s endless really.

Revel in the Mess Content Creation Workshop Series

You might be wondering why then, I’m hosting a workshop series focused on content creation. Here’s the thing the workshops I’m hosting aren’t focused on piling on more expectations, creating the perfect grid or even about encouraging you to spend more time online.

There’s expectations, but there’s also opportunity HERE

If we dig under the surface a bit more, there are some really neat opportunities creating and sharing content offers......

I’m not talking about opportunity to get more followers, grow engagement or get more clicks. That’s not my deal.


This is the thing that excites me most about social media and blogging. It’s the ideal space to experiment with our ideas, our opinions and with how it feels to write about and express them. This is how we get a sense of what topics we're truly fascinated by and obsessed with talking about. This is where we can test out content and see if it lands, if it’s helpful and see what else it could turn into. I’ve used social media captions and live videos as a way to test out content for future workshops.

It’s definitely not THE only place (or the place we even need to), but there's opportunity to share + express our creativity here too. And by doing so we can get a chance to get up close and personal with the discomfort and vulnerability that might come along with that. BONUS: You can share your process behind making your art and work (and people like me totally geek out on that).

Creating and then posting content gets us used to pressing that share/publish button, which can help us get more comfortable and confident with it. And this confidence spills over into our other projects and tasks too.

And finally another neat opportunity creating content offers is the chance to practice our verbal or written storytelling craft.

Thinking of these opportunities helps me shift my perspective from those pesky unhelpful expectations, back on to what excites me the most. 

What if content creation was a space to experiment, to let your creativity out and to practice.

What if content creation was a space to experiment, to let your creativity out and to practice.

Would that feel less daunting? I think so.

Make your content writing process a HOTBED of PLAY and CREATIVITY, AGAIN

These are all the reasons why I put together an all new resource called Write Already and it will help you INJECT play and creativity back into the content writing process.

Take all of those ideas you’ve been saving for social media and blog posts and get the words out of your head and onto the page.

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