Cloudy with a chance of idea showers

Avoid the “too many ideas”, overwhelm onslaught, with this BRAIN DUMP PROCESS

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Sometimes inspiration strikes and the ideas POUR in so quickly, that we go from feeling elated to OVERWHELMED. AND sometimes the ideas pour in when we want and NEED to be focused on something else - yet the ideas are SCREAMING for our attention.

LOOK, I L.O.V.E. ideas as much as you probably do. They’re inspiring, filled with possibility, intriguing and so many other -things. BUT when they drop in during inconvenient times (like when we’re stuck in traffic or trying to count sheep) or when we’re trying to focus, they can be DISTRACTING and cause us unnecessary worry.


SO LUCKY YOU. The ideas are raining down and flooding your mind with potential, possibility and maybe a rabbit hole or TWENTY. BUT NOT SO LUCKY FOR YOU that you also happen to be just starting your day and need to focus on writing that blog post, or you’re preparing for a client meeting or you’re about to teach a workshop.

Sometimes ideas strike when what we really want and NEED is FOCUS. AND often these ideas don’t go away quietly. THEY demand our attention, maybe even setting off the worry/anxious alarm bells that we need to stop, drop and roll with them.

When this’s time for a BRAIN DUMP.

Click here to download your copy of the brain dump process I use when my mind gets flooded with ideas.

Prefer to get the audio scoop of this brain dump process?
Watch the video below and then download your copy of the worksheet.

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