Developing an experimental mindset without being a scientist (lab coat and beakers optional).

Remember when you had to write those lab reports in grade 8 and you came to the part where it was time to formulate your hypothesis? It’s where you made an educated guess on how you thought the experiment/test might turn out.

Part of the excitement (at least for me) when doing those experiments was in the uncertainty. Wondering whether it would turn out as you guessed or made you look like a fool. Okay, an educated fool.

When we have an idea - launch a new business, write a new book, paint a series or recreate that amazing meal from the Italian restaurant down the street, it usually goes one of two ways...

To fantasyland....where we immediately jump to the excitement of how amazing it will be when it turns out (because it’s a sure thing right?!). We can do clearly picture that perfect image becoming real.

Or to nowhere-land...aka procrastination...aka fear. We spend all (or most) of our time and energy thinking about what that idea might be like or whether it will work.

But we forget that ALL of those things (the business, the book, the recipe) are experiments TOO! Sure some may allow you to have a more educated guess if there was a plan or recipe involved. BUT creativity is still messy and uncertain.

Which is why being curious and having an experimental mindset is so important. It doesn’t have to mean you make a big leap or spend all your savings (or maybe it does). By learning, researching...BUT most of all by doing we can experiment and sail off to creative land (too cheesy? Maybe a tad)

What would you try within your life, business or creative practice if it was just an experiment?

Krista KankulaComment