I knew THIS would happen, but accepting it was a whole different story

When it comes to the embracing change spectrum, where do you sit?

I like to think I'm on the far side, near the highly embracing. I love change. Crave it even.

And yet, sometimes even when the kind of change we predicted or hoped for comes along, we can feel this conflicting mix of emotions. We're excited and happy and also at the same time uneasy, scattered, confused or even frustrated.

I've found myself going through this process during job changes, moving into our house and with Revel in the Mess.

Can you relate to experiencing this cocktail of emotions?

When I started Revel, there were things I knew that would always remain true, like my desire to help others embrace the messiness of the creative process and practice imperfection. I also knew the rest of it would probably evolve and change as I figured it out and found better and different ways of helping people. 

Even though I knew it would evolve and change, the process of moving through it was not as reassuring as my “knowing” would have me believe.

And that’s because….

Knowing it AND actually experiencing it, are two very different things.

[How many times in life, have you been reminded of this? Too many to even count, right?!]

Going through this change and evolution, it was like I was getting reacquainted with the creative process ALL OVER AGAIN. Which when I look back now, it actually pretty perfect.

It also helped me revisit the true WHY behind what I do and why I love it SO much. And what I’ve discovered is this:

My hands on mess making workshops help you embrace imperfection, so you can reconnect with your creativity.

I'm excited about this revised version of Revel and I also know that evolution and change will continue to happen both in my business and life.

And while navigating the creative process is uncertain and messy, it will also ALWAYS be worthwhile.

Perfection isn't worth waiting for. Ready to catapult your ideas out into the world ?