What if the only expectation was too...

Maybe you’re in a rut in your creative practice and you’re not sure what to do next or maybe you feel like all the love and fun has been sucked out of it completely. .

When it comes to our romance with creativity, we all hit speed bumps and experience friction along the way. . .

Our relationship with creativity is no different than other relationships. It needs love, time and energy poured into it as well.

A little bump in the road shouldn’t be cause for concern or a reason to abandon your creative practice altogether.

But I get it. I’ve been there before and chances are I’ll meet many bumps in the road in the future. When this happens I remind myself of this...what if the only expectation was to create? That eliminates the need to be perfect, for it to look a certain way, for other people to like it, for it to add value, etc (this list of expectations we put on our creative work can be ridiculously long).

What would it feel like to make the thing you’ve been wanting to create? Is it time to rekindle your relationship with creativity? I’d love to know how I can support and help you.