Are you guilty of this in the "buffet line" of life?

So you're making your lists, checking them twice. Maybe you're pulling out the scissors and magazines to collage together a vision board or scribbling out your ideas and resolutions. But have you paused to make space and see what you'll say "no, thank you to"?

It's easy to get caught in the trap of overloading the plate. Like when you're in the buffet line and you can't possibly choose between the poutine and mac n' cheese, so you get both and strategically pile it on hoping nothing spills on your way back to your seat..

Okay so maybe having vegan mac n' cheese and poutine in one buffet wouldn't happen...but full, busting at the seams schedules do. I've been there. I used to pride myself on how busy I was and how much I could get accomplished in a day and yet I still felt like I was missing out. The stuff I said really mattered usually didn't make it on the schedule and if it did it was minuscule bits. I'd be frustrated with people and projects because they were sucking my time and yet I had a choice. .

I recently listened to Tim Ferris' Tribe of Mentors podcast with Debbie Millman. The episode was called busy is a decision. Yes, how perfect and fitting.

Saying no allows you to make space. When it comes to the buffet line of projects, ideas, people and experiences, what will you be saying no to in 2019?