Reason number 2,689,115 to practice creativity...RESILIENCY

When we make a commitment to keep showing up to the page to write, sketch or paint...that's resilience. There will be days where we don't feel like it, where we'll be too busy, where we'll feel overwhelmed or uninspired. But we keep practicing. We keep showing up.

When we show up to the page and have no clue what we're doing but we create anyway. Or when we show up feeling like a fraud or still licking our wounds from the last failure, hurt or heartbreak. That's resilience.

Spelling errors. Spilt paint. Rough drafts. A sketchbook of paintings we hate. But firmly planted in our quest to keep on making. That's resilience.

Keep on practicing. Keep on showing up, mistakes, messes and all. Because that resilience spills over the page into the rest of our lives as well.