Paint outside the lines

Maybe it's an idea that's been collecting dust, or a project you started but the moment you felt that familiar resistance kick in, you put it away, or maybe the words have been on the tip of your tongue, but you weren't sure how to make them come out right, so instead they stay in your head.

We've all had these experiences at one point or the other. And while that idea is collecting dust or that project sits there waiting for you, it's likely still on your mind. For whatever reason it's pulling at you, wanting your attention. Chances are you want to give it that attention too, but we can get caught up in this tug of war between fear and shame.

Fear because making things is SCARY (but I don't need to tell you that, we're all adults) PERIOD. And Shame creeps in when we tell ourselves horrible stories about how awful we are because we're not making the thing that scares us.

This tug of war plays on a constant loop in our head and even though we're not doing any work, it leaves us feeling exhausted.

Chances are we're fuelling fear with our own exaggerated expectations. But it doesn't have to be that way. You can let yourself off the hook and start. Even if it's a humble sentence or first brush stroke on a blank canvas. That's something and it counts.

Is being too afraid to paint outside the lines, worth not painting at all?