Is it time to honour your creative process?

Say what, staring at the screen all day isn't productive? What about social media, email lists and writing?

If you've been around here for a bit or involved in your own creative practice you know creativity is a messy business.

And yet even though we know this and practice it, we can get caught in the productivity trap. (Yes present company included). Which is to say we just focus on getting to the outcome and not on the how or process that takes us there.

We've been taught to think productivity only looks a certain way: sitting your butt in front of your computer and not moving until its done.

While this may be effective in certain situations when it comes to being creative, there needs to be space, to let your mind wander, to get curious and explore.

What do I mean by honouring your process?

For me when it comes to writing, it's only when I have my copy drafted do I sit in front of the computer. Before that it's making notes and playing with the words with pen and paper. Even that step is broken down into smaller steps and processes that get the creative juices flowing.

So if you're stuck or feeling like you've reached a stalemate with progress, take a look at your process. Are you solely focused on productivity? Are you stifling your creativity? What steps can you take to honour your process and work in a way that allows you to create your best work.

I'd love to know what your creative process looks like, share in the comments below