Is there such a thing as over planning?

Hands up if you LOOOOVE the details. Like love them. Some people would even say obsessed. The lists, the calendars, the planners. They're probably colour coded too?

I'm with you, high five. I just hear the words "let's make a plan" and I'm all over it, sharpies, sticky notes, frothing at the mouth. People who know me avoid the words "plan" and "list" at all costs when they're around me, or at least they do the second time around. If I were a superhero, overwhelming people with the details to the point where they curl up into the fetal position, would likely be my power.

Plans are awesome. They create space, boundaries, a roadmap and can support us. .

It's when we tip into the over planning zone that we smother the magic of the creative process.

This zone looks a little like....

Exhibit A) When we've planned everything out. Like every detail, to the T. But we haven't taken action on the plans. They just stay put in our neatly colour coded, organized, perfect binder. If all we're doing is planning and not actually doing the things in our plan..this might be a sign we're in that zone. .

or like...

Exhibit B) Believing your plan is the letter of the law. The rule. And being so stubborn to change it that you're clinging onto your perfect binder and throwing a tantrum and missing the bigger picture.

We need to be willing to let them go. Watch them blow up even. Because there will be some missteps and detours along the way.

Every November I bust out my calendar and plan out all the special occasions I'll be celebrating, trips I'll be taking (or hop to be) and timelines for projects I'm working on for for the following year. They're in the calendar, on the books as they say. And full disclosure, it feels good. Really good.

Some of those plans I'll be guarding fiercely, because to me they're cemented. And some of those plans will change, because those missteps and detours come from shifts in perspective and curiosity, and it's worth seeing where they lead.