Stuck in the middle with you

Confession time: I'm 7 days into a new painting experiment where I'm using the same set of paints and pastels everyday in a sketchbook. And I'm NOT loving it right now. Yes me, the one always covered in paint who loves to paint, is not loving it right now. .

(Quick side note: Why is that an experiment? Because limited resources can spark creativity. And it's something I've never tried before and well just because I say so.)

Any who where were we. This sudden loss of love is NOT cause for alarm, because I've been here before. It's the messy middle. It's where the initial inspiration, cheerleading, momentum and shiny newness has faded. And now you're somewhere looking ahead at all the days, tasks and things that stand between you and the end result.

The messy middle is also where we face resistance to showing up to the page. Because what you make maybe doesn't quite match your vision yet. Or because you can see that things are not perfect, and maybe you have a tendency to obsess over that or want to start over new, with a perfect blank slate (I've been guilty of this) .

But the only way to truly fail is to do nothing at all. To not show up to the page. So if what you're creating right now looks nothing like your vision, keep practicing. Keep writing, painting, creating and showing up to the page. Mistakes & messes and all.