The thought that keeps us waiting

It feels weird to share this BUUUUT…. I had this mostly unconscious thought running in my mind, that was silently driving my behaviours and focus. And it was, if I could just outrun my “imperfections” or cover them up AND find the secret to solving this “perfectionism” thing once and for all then I could share, write and even teach.  

Thinking of that thought NOW, it seems like glaringly obvious in a neon sign kind of way..that the thought itself was perfection in action. The thought sounds extreme and deprecating to read now, but when we’re stuck in it, it seems rationale, right and safe.

Think of what we ALL would be missing out on experiencing if musicians, painters, writers or activists didn’t share their ideas, words and creations until they had it “perfected”. Think of the relationships we have with those that we’re closest too and how boring they’d be if they only ever shared what was “perfect”.

What are the experiences you have that you’ve been waiting to share because they’re not perfectly packaged. The art you’ve been making. The ideas you have that maybe still feel “half baked”. I’m talking about the ways we keep ourselves on the sidelines watching and listening to everyone else teach and share when we have things we want to say, but we’re too stuck in perfection to even let ourselves try.

Perfection isn’t worth waiting for. We can help, share and contribute as we’re figuring it out and in fact WE NEED TOO!