The messy, ongoing creative process

The thing with engaging in the messy and ongoing creative you can sometimes feel it’s never ending. And while that’s mostly true, our frustration with this fact is tied to expectations.

Sometimes they’re expectations from someone else - a colleague, supervisor or someone from your community or family. And then there are the biggest expectations of all, the ones we give ourselves and our creative work.

Expectations can leave you feeling on a Friday afternoon that you accomplished hardly anything and that you have an impossible amount still to do. Measuring ourselves and our creative work against those expectations is NOT helpful (not to mention totally unkind).

So let’s celebrate progress another way. What messes did you make? What did you learn? Who did you help this week? How did you show up and create? What will you do to make tomorrow and next week just as awesome? .

We can choose to see and believe the expectations as progress or we can choose to celebrate the tiny steps and have trust that when you show up and do the work THAT matters more.

So tell me about your week, what did you learn, did you fall on your face, get lost and then figure it out again?