Did you forget about building your FOUNDATION?

Goals, budget, critical paths, plans, plans and more plans. Those are usually our go-to’s in terms of focus when it comes to starting any creative project or launching a business or side hustle.

And they all have their place when it comes to logistics, building the guardrails for a project and keeping you focused and on track.

But what’s missing from each of those is the foundation, which is our mindset.

It’s about what we do when we wake up on the wrong side of bed, what we do when we’re terrified to press send, when our inner critic comes on the loud speaker in our mind and starts yelling gibberish about how what we’re doing is NOT enough.

While I’m no sage or “guru” in this area and my inner critic still finds the loud speaker from time to time, I’ve found a few practices that help me when it comes to mindset:

  1. Playing a few favourite tunes in the a.m. and dancing to them (embarrassing-total lack of coordination dancing). It helps me feel energized and usually cures the fog and morning “crankies”.

  2. Writing out and reading my “why’s”. Why I started Revel in the Mess, why I want to help and why creativity matters to me and in a bigger way. Because it’s easy to get caught up in the to-do lists and forget why you started or where you’re going.

  3. At the end of the day I write out everything I’ve done that day and reflect on what I learned, who I helped and pause to celebrate. Because no matter how much you do, it will NEVER feel like you did enough, unless you believe you did enough.

I’m so curious to know how you approach mindset & what practices you use. Share in the comments below.