Cakes & Creative Cravings (Hint I didn't exactly "nail it")

We can make things just for fun. Or simply because we want to. Our creative pursuits don’t have to be attached to a title, plan, lifelong commitment or bigger why for them to matter. That’s because following our curiosity and creating something will always be worthwhile pursuits on their own.

Recently, my palette was in edible form. I baked and decorated some cakes. Sure they were for a close friend’s wedding, but the original reason for making them was because I wanted to. Because I was curious what it would be like to try different decorating techniques. Because I had watched enough (okay too many) tutorials and Nailed it episodes and it was time to just try it already.

I’m not going to become a baker or declare this as my new hobby. I just had a craving to create.

What have you been wanting to try or make? Anyone else got a creative craving on their mind?