Being Messy and IMPERFECT, is never a reason to opt out

“I messed up and said umm too many times” or “I must suck at this because no ones getting back to me” or “I feel clueless and overwhelmed....who I am to _______ (fill in the blank). These are all thoughts that have come across my mind at one point or the other when I’m (a) doing something new (b) doing something that’s stretching and challenging me and (c) when I’m immersed in the creative process.

But when we’re so focused on pointing out all the things we did wrong and reasons why we or our creative work sucks, we’re forgetting that awkward missteps, stumbles and mistakes are part of the process.

There’s no short cuts or hacks to get you through the awkwardness. When you say yes to giving into your creative craving you’re also saying yes to being a beginner. So embrace it, because being messy and imperfect is never a reason to opt out.