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A process art workshop designed to help you PLAY + rebel against perfection, so your creativity can spill out onto the page.

One mark, splatter & layer at a time

Blank pages can feel overwhelming. We might fear that we’ll make art the “wrong way” or that we’re not creative enough to even try.

Whether or not you own a paintbrush, one thing’s for sure…..
You’re already creative and anyone can make ART!

This workshop isn’t about making the perfect masterpiece.
It’s about giving yourself permission. Permission to enjoy the process. Permission to PLAY. Permission to create. And most of all permission to be messy.

Here you’ll cut ties from expectations and instead get lost in the process. You’ll follow your craving to create and place the self-doubt off to the side. And it’s here you’ll express your creativity in a PLAYFUL kind of way.


*Registration now closed*
Thursday, June 13 at 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Location: The Hive London, 1350 Wharncliffe Rd S, London, ON

In this workshop you’ll be given the materials, guidance and space to let your creativity pour out onto the page….and of course make a mess.

You’ll leave with 3 pieces of your very own abstract art. It will be art you’ll be proud of it, not necessarily because of how it looks, but because of how it will make you feel and what it will remind you of….. of your creativity and of the JOY that’s found in the process of playing and making.

This Workshop Includes:

  • All the supplies you need to create your 3 pieces of process art (acrylic and water colour paint, chalk and oil pastels and mixed media paper - small, medium and large sheets)

  • Tips and a worksheet to help you build a creative practice, so the mess making can continue after the workshop

  • A list of 25 abstract art prompts, so that making that first mark on a blank page is less daunting

  • Guidance and support throughout the workshop

  • Instructions and a worksheet to help you rebel against perfection, so you can keep letting your creativity spill out

This Workshop Is For You If…

  • You've collected some paint supplies, but they're gathering dust while you wait for the “perfect time” to get started.

  • You find the blank page or empty canvas incredibly daunting, thanks to that pesky voice of the inner critic.

  • You’re in a creative hibernation, surrounded by screens, and spreadsheets.

  • You can’t remember the last time you PLAYED or made something JUST for the FUN of it.

  • You’ve been scrolling and admiring everyone else’s art, while not so secretly wanting try making your own.

Registration NOW CLOSED

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Hey, I’m Krista Kankula, owner/founder of Revel in the Mess, obsessor of the colour pink, vegan poutine and the CREATIVE PROCESS.

When I say I’m usually found covered in paint, it’s not a cute marketing thing, it’s true. I own more clothing with paint splatter than I do clothing without.

Painting helped me embrace imperfection, rediscover my creativity and feel the joy of making something just for FUN.

I teach and facilitate because I believe we’re all creative and I know you have ideas + art inside you (and your notebooks and sticky notes) that are worthy of being expressed and shared!


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I need to cancel?
If you cancel on or before June 4th, (via an email to a full refund will be issued). If you cancel or June 5th or later, a refund cannot be issued. Your registration; however can be transferred to another person.

What if I don’t consider myself creative?
Let me start by saying, I get where you’re coming from. I didn’t consider myself creative for a long time, I always had messy writing, my drawings we’re limited to 3D cubes and stick figures and still to this day I can’t cut straight with scissors and it irritates me. BUT what I’ve come to learn is that WE’RE ALL CREATIVE. It’s just that we need the chance to reconnect with our creativity. And often we also need to unlearn what we think creativity is. So often we limit creativity to someone who’s a talented painter, cartoonist, a novelist or playwright. But how we express our creativity really is limitless. Trust me, you are creative and Messy on Purpose will help you reconnect with your creativity.

When you say “MESSY” how messy are we talking?
The paint marks and splattering will be directed at the paper during the activities. I recommend you dress comfortably and if you’d prefer to be on the safe side, wear something you wouldn’t mind getting a touch (or two) of paint on. That is of course if you’re a messy painter like I am and even though you try to be neat, somehow you always get paint on yourself.

Need another question answered? Email me at