Revel in the Mess



Creativity isn’t just a hobby. It’s a practice. It’s home. Your desire to create, isn’t just a craving - the flavour of the week. It’s more than that. It’s part of your life, your purpose.

Whether or not you own a paintbrush, one thing’s for sure. You’re creative. It’s just a matter of reconnecting you with that creativity and curiosity.

Let go of perfection and give yourself permission. After all this isn’t about making the perfect masterpiece. It’s about giving yourself permission. Permission to enjoy the process. Permission to create. Permission to be messy.

Creativity is not what you do, it’s who you are.

Introducing Revel in the Mess Mixed Palette Abstract Art Workshop 

A workshop for free spirits who want to create, without following someone else’s lead.

Because your time for hibernation is up. It’s spring and it's time to let your creativity bloom.


Bond over spilt paint. 

This workshop is for you...

The reluctant creative - you've collected some supplies, but they're gathering dust while you wait for the perfect time to get started.

The one with the creative craving - maybe it's all screens and keyboards and all you want is to make something, anything.

The creative in hibernating - you left all creative pursuits behind in school and are ready to come out of hibernation.

Bottom Line: It's about reconnecting with your creativity. Because it’s the making of that matters.

Carve out the time and space and give yourself  permission to create.  



  • 2.5 hour workshop, giving you the time to make 2 abstract pieces workshop
  • Guidance, prompts and techniques demonstrated, so you won't just sit and stare at the blank page.
  • All of the supplies - paint, tools, canvas, paper, gloves, so you can make your perfectly imperfect masterpiece
  • Workbook with prompts and experiments, so that you can continue your creative practice long after the workshop is done 

MAY 8, 2018
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

111 Mount Pleasant Ave, London, Ontario
(Street parking and parking lot nearby)

Mixed Palette Abstract Art Workshop

It's time to take that creative exhale you've been holding in.

An abstract art workshop that gives you the tools, techniques, the time and space be express your creativity - and of course make a mess. So you can leave with the feeling of being reconnected with your creativity and some awesome art you’ll be proud to hang up - because cause you made it. And it's the making of that matters.

Registration is $74 and includes all supplies, paper, paint, canvas and workbook. Spaces are limited, register by May 6.  Questions? Contact

Whether or  not you own a paintbrush, one thing's for sure: YOU'RE CREATIVE. 
We all are. It's just a matter of reconnecting with that creativity.

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to let yourself be imperfect, to make a mess, to let go. Imagine if you gave yourself permission, what you could create? 

The art you’ll create at the workshop  - you’ll be proud of it. Not because of what it looks like, because of how it made you feel and what it reminded you of. Of your potential. Of your creativity. And of what could be.


Give into your creative cravings and register today.

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