The Art of Making a Mess Workshop


The Art of Making a Mess Workshop


Maybe you left your paintbrush behind in school or maybe you have a bunch of art supplies collecting dust but you've been waiting for that perfect time to start,

Whether or not you own a paintbrush, one thing's for sure... YOU'RE CREATIVE. We are all creative. 

This workshop is designed for: 

  • The reluctant creative - you've collected some supplies, but they're gathering dust while you wait for the perfect time to get started.

  • The one with the creative craving - maybe it's all screens and keyboards and all you want is to make something, anything.

  • The creative in hibernating - you left all creative pursuits behind in school and are ready to come out of hibernation.

  • Anyone really. Remember we're all creative.

The Art of Making a Mess is a hands on experience where participants will go through a series of art experiments, group discussion and reflection all while creating an imperfect masterpiece. This workshop focuses on the process, rather than the outcome, encouraging participants to give themselves permission to let go of expectations, embrace being a beginner and make a mess or three!

Registration is FREE. RSVP is required (so don't forget to add this to your cart at checkout). All supplies are included and you'll leave with your own piece of art.

It's time to take that creative exhale you've been holding in.

Workshop Details:
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
6:30-8:30 p.m.
The Booombox Bakeshop
Address: 520 Adelaide St N, London, ON N6B 3J4

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