Project coordination isn't just a spreadsheet with deadlines on it. 

It's taking your doodle, "a-ha" moment or concept from a vision in your head to reality.

Whether you're looking to fill a void on your team, launch a new product, event or business, one thing's for sure: the secret to pulling all the details together, is a great project coordinator.

What specifically can I bring to you as a Project Coordinator?

  • Demonstrated strength in project and event coordination.
    In the last 9 years I have planned events ranging in attendance size from 10 to 5,000, including fundraisers, conferences, workshops and a festival. 

  • Excellence in customer service and collaboration.
    My fundraising experience has allowed me to play a lead role in supporting staff and volunteer teams in reaching their goals as well as serving donors and members of the public. My restorative strengths drive me to tackle problemand find solutions.

  • Futuristic and detail oriented.
    One of my strongest skills is the ability to envision a project and then map out all of the details, ensuring that every step along the way has been thought out.

Career Summary

  • Organizer extraordinaire with 9 years of experience managing multiple projects, campaigns and events in a challenging charitable environment.

  • Helpful problem solver with experience offering support to 40+ leadership volunteers and 300+ episodic volunteers. 

  • Specifically interested in meshing these areas of expertise to deliver excellent support, creativity and organization as a Project Coordinator. 

Area of Expertise

  • Proficient and experienced working with a PC, Mac, Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

  • Database management experience with Summit, Convio and CRM. 

  • Experience working with MailChimp, Social Media platforms and Squarespace.

  • Fast learner and self starter.

  • Coaching, relationship development and stewardship.

  • Developing, administering and managing event and project plans.

Bottom line: as a natural planner, I thrive in situations where my skills are put to the test supporting a team to serve a greater mission.