It's Krista Kankula here, the organization ninja behind the POP UP LAB: STOP HITTING SNOOZE, blogger at @KKANKULA on Medium, introvert of the site formerly known as The Radical Introvert Project, Founder of VegFest London and personal assistant and chef to my rescue cats Fife, Finn and Fern and rescue dog Adrina. 

For awhile I would describe myself as a serial starter and mediocre finisher. Meaning I had a lot of ideas, started working on some of them and rarely finished one of them. After working with coach Lee Jones who helped me pick a runway, I launched VegFest London, a vegan festival that attracted more than 3,000 people in it's first year. To say that experienced changed me would be both an understatement and while a little cliche, completely true. I believe ideas a cheap and easy to come by. A fact I resisted for many years because I LOVED ideas. But I realized all that ACTION was the missing ingredient to my ideas. And only action alone would make something happen to them. 

Questions? Want to introduce yourself? Know how to build a time machine? Email me at kkankula@gmail.com