Painting pictures with words. Does yours need a fresh coat?

Helping you get your creative ideas out into the world.


 "I was very pleased with the copywriting services provided by Krista. The tag lines she developed were creative, engaging and in alignment with my business' ideal clientele. I appreciated that Krista also suggested various other ways to use the tag lines to promote and support my business." 
"Working with Krista from Revel In The Mess was a pleasure! Her attention to detail and enthusiasm in providing a creative and engaging process were noted. As a client I felt that Krista put a lot of thought into providing me with copy that was authentic to my brand. I would highly recommend Revel In The Mess for anyone seeking a professional yet authentic and creatively driven experience/product."  

Let me be your guide, taking your thoughts, ideas, scribbles and dreams and converting them into copy that paints a picture for your ideal client. A picture that’s so clear it leads to more sales, more connections and more time for you to do, well whatever you want.

The creative process is inherently messy, but working with a creative writer doesn't have to be.

You can feel confident your project deadline is safe with me, because I’m an organizer extraordinaire (check lists, critical paths, plans, the whole bit).

I’m ready to get priming and prepping that fresh coat of copy right away, if you are.


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