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Let's bond over spilt paint, sharpie* scribbles
and the creative ideas you want to get out into the world. 


Maker of messes, mostly accidental, some on purpose.

That's the short version to how Revel got started. After a lengthy hiatus with creativity and because I was in desperate need of a break from all the screens, I finally dusted off my paint supplies and started down the rabbit hole of the creative process. And I've been geeking out on it ever since.

I may be an introvert - but when it comes to talking about creativity - this is where I NEVER shut up. NEVER.


As a copywriter, I specialize in helping businesses get their creative ideas out into the world and connect with their ideal clients.

Creativity Workshop

Whether you'd label yourself as the creative in hibernating, the perfectionist who needs to let go or the business owner who needs to bring creativity back into your life - Revel in the Mess has the perfect workshop for you.


Initially picking up those paint supplies was an opportunity to relieve stress and get back to making with my hands. And don't get me wrong - those are worthy benefits on their own. 

But as time and making messes went on, I discovered creativity has a lot of lessons to teach us. Lessons that spill off the canvas and page into the rest of our lives.”
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Whether or not you own a paintbrush, I believe that we’re all creative. It’s usually just a matter of us needing to reconnect with our creativity and curiosity”.
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